Interested in Giving Back for the Holidays?

By | November 10, 2015

The holidays are not only a time to celebrate with loved one and open gifts; it’s also a time for everyone to appreciate the life they have and give back to those that may be going through a rough time in life, whether it be with a monetary donation or just time out of your schedule. With so many places and ways to volunteer in the Florida area, we wanted to highlight a few:

The Genesis Foundation: You can volunteer your time with the Genesis Foundation where their goals are to support clinical care, life enrichment, and educational programs that care for children with complex genetic disorders. You can volunteer here:

The Everglades Foundation: If you would prefer a monetary donation, you can contribute to the Everglades Foundation where your contribution will support scientists, researchers, policy analysts and communications experts who are leading major initiatives for preserving and restoring America’s Everglades.  You can donate here: