The Everglades Foundation Offer $10 Million Prize for Phosphorous Solution

By | September 24, 2014

Chris Havlicek FishingAs a Florida resident, Chis Havlicek is an avid supporter of the Everglades Foundation, whose aim is to protect and preserve the Everglades. As of late, expressive phosphorus from farmland and urban areas is threatening the indigenous wildlife of the Everglades and waterways throughout the world. To solve the problem, the organization has partnered with an anonymous donor and is offering a $10 million prize to scientists and businesses who come up with a viable solution to rid the Everglades of the phosphorus and use it to fertilize crops. The Everglades Foundation plans to begin accepting contestants in early 2015 and plans to choose a winner in 2022. To earn the $10 million prize, contestants must meet a “series of testable benchmarks” and their results will be reviewed by a panel of independent scientists. To learn more, click here.