Jason Taylor Reading Room

About The Reading Room

Chris Havlicek believes in the Jason Taylor Reading Room’s goal of assisting inner-city youth with their academic progress with a comprehensive after-school program, with emphasis on literacy. The program focuses on Middle and High School students, where they receive assistance from certified teachers and teachers’ aides through an academic focused calendar. The curriculum includes reading comprehension, creative writing, novel study, language arts, reading fluency along with weekly math instruction based on grade level. To assist parents with student progression, the program assigns a Case Manager to work with students and teachers to observe behavioral trends, track academic progress in the program and compare with progress in school. Chris Havlicek is a committee member and assist with raising donations that go towards scholarships.

Community Events & Partnerships

Through partnerships with community-based organizations, the Reading Room is able to offer cooking and nutritional classes and mentoring programs. The Reading Room encourages student to utilize the critical literary skills they have learned and exhibit through both written and through performance at the Omari Hardwick Poetry Corner, which is a weekly spoken word poetry event held weekly.