Chris Havlicek and Basketball

Chris Havlicek’s College Basketball Career

Chris Havlicek always had a passion for basketball. It would be hard not to being the son of John Havlicek, the iconic Celtics player. While attending the University of Virginia, Chris played on the school’s basketball team all four years. He was made the team’s captain his senior year.

He excelled in both basketball and academics. Chris was a three-time inductee onto the All-Acc Academic Team, which demonstrates the dedication he had to his grades and to the game of basketball. He was also named an Academic All American twice in his college career.

Professional Basketball in Italy

After college, Chris Havlicek began a professional basketball career in Italy as a shooting guard in the second division. He only played in the league for about four months, but during this time, he found a new and related passion, team handball.

Team handball, popular in many European countries, is best described as a cross between basketball and soccer. Chris’ height and basketball skills were exactly the kind of attributes needed for a successful team handball player. This eventually led Chris to play with the 1996 Olympic handball team.

Chris is Still a Basketball Fan

After Chris Havlicek’s athletic career ended, he began a professional career with the NBA. He started as a reporter and later became the VP of NBA City. While his time as an athlete may be over, Chris and his father John are still big fans of the NBA. Chris will always have the memories he and his father created when he was a child, and he will always remember watching his dad play on the court for the Celtics.

Today, Chris spends time supporting organizations that better the community. A board member of the Palm Beach Cultural Council, the Everglades Foundation and the Genesis Foundation, Chris knows the importance of paying it back to the community.