Chris Havlicek South Florida Foundations Involvement


Chris Havlicek and wife KimChris Havlicek lives in South Florida with his family and he is committed to providing a better community through his involvement with his foundations, charities, and community organizations. Chris is actively involved in charities that have a big impact in the local South Florida community including the Orange Bowl Committee, the Everglades Foundation, the Palm Beach Boys and Girls Club, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, and the Palm Beach Cultural Council. He and his family are also very involved in their church and the St. Mark’s Episcopal School. Here is a brief overview of each of the South Florida foundations that Chris and the Havlicek family are committed to.

Orange Bowl Committee:

The Orange Bowl Committee is a nonprofit organization that helps South Florida youth by promoting sports and other entertainment. As part of the Orange Bowl Committee, Chris helps distribute scholarships to student athletes. Chris works with organizations to engage his community and advance the lives of its children.

Everglades Foundation:

The Everglades Foundation in which Chris serves on the board of directors, has a mission to reverse the damage to the Everglades and protect the future of this important resource for the entire state’s ecosystem. Chris’ role on the board of directors is to assist in setting up benefits and raising funds for the Everglades Foundation to support the efforts for this vital part of South Florida.

The Palm Beach Boys and Girls Club:

Chris works to give the disadvantaged youth in the area access to the great programs that the Boys and Girls Clubs provide. Chris is an active board member of the Palm Beach Boys and Girls Clubs, which has raised over $200,000 in this time. The Palm Beach Boys and Girls Clubs have 13 club locations and three extensions in the area.

Board Member for the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts:

Chris has served on the Board of Directors, the Development Committee, and the Speaker Series for the Kravis Center for a number of years. The money helps support various art and performance programs for children. Chris focuses his efforts on the board towards the student arts enrichment program which believes in sowing the seeds of creativity in children’s imagination by providing a solid foundation for children’s future appreciation of culture and the arts. The Kravis Center board provides a number of quality programs, coordinated through their Education Department, that helps us plant those seeds in today’s South Florida youth participants.


Board member Palm Beach Cultural Council:

Chris has been an active member of the Palm Beach Cultural Council for 3 years. The Cultural Council is Palm Beach County’s official arts agency and serves non-profit cultural organizations and professional artists throughout the county. Arts Education is a primary focus of the Cultural Council, which is why Chris is passionate about being involved in this council. Through its involvement in a 2005 countywide needs assessment, its close working relationships with the School District of Palm Beach County and the continuing work of its Cultural Education Committee, the Council is committed to ensuring that our young people have the best possible opportunities to reap the proven benefits that arts and culture bring to the educational experience. Arts education is a proven factor in student achievement and workforce readiness for the 21st century.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and School:

Chris Havlicek and his family are regular contributors to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, which they are members of. Chris supports the church through donations; he and his family are committed to helping the church realize their vision. The Havlicek family is part of the St. Mark’s Episcopal School’s parent association and they sponsor programs and participate in fundraising programs for the church and the school. Chris and his family are past Lion’s Circle Members and they are current Friend’s Circle Members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and School.

Palm Beach County Cops for Kids Foundation:

Chris and his family are contributors to the Palm Beach County Cops for Kids Foundation whose purpose is to provide program services to children and needy families. Funding after school programs and providing sponsorships of youth athletic programs, uniforms, and equipment, providing assistance to the children of law enforcement officers that have been killed or injured, and providing educational financial assistance to children of the community are just some of the ways this foundation supports the Palm Beach Community.