Everglades Foundation

Chris Havlicek Charity Board Position – Everglades Foundation:

Chris Havlicek understands that the Everglades are a vital part of not only South Florida, but the entire state in which he lives. Chris lives in Palm Beach, Florida with his wife and children and that is why the Everglades Foundation is one of the causes he fights for and helps raise money as one of the dedicated board members of the foundation. The Everglades is a river that runs through most of the state and provides drinking water for the state. It is a natural habitat for wildlife and plants that are vital to the environment. Raising money for the foundation supports their vision, which is restoring the Everglades and the surrounding estuaries to a natural state that allows clean water to flow, while providing a reliable water supply for the people of Florida.

Chris Havlicek’s Work on the Board of Directors:

The Everglades Foundation is dedicated to protecting and restoring America’s Everglades. This unique ecosystem provides economic, recreational and life-sustaining benefits to the millions of people in Florida who depend on its future health. Through the advancement of scientifically sound and achievable solutions, the Foundation seeks to reverse the damage inflicted on the ecosystem and provide policymakers and the public with an honest and credible resource to help guide decision-making on complex restoration issues. As a board member, Chris helps the Everglades Foundation with their mission by assisting with local fundraiser events and benefits.

The Foundation serves as a leader in building consensus for action in support of their mission. Their strength comes from the support they receive from their partners, board, staff and true believers. Working together, they lead the way correcting the mistakes of the past.

Everglades Foundation Charity Benefits and Events

Chris helps the board put on several charity benefits and events each year to raise funds in support of the cause to clean up the Everglades. Jerry Seinfeld recently supported the charity performing comedy at a recent event attended by Chris and his wife, Kim Havlicek. Singer Jimmy Buffet also sits on the board of the Everglades Foundation and often performs at charity benefits, as with recent events including ZZ Top and the Zac Brown Band. The Everglades Foundation events run in conjunction with and support finding balance of the environment in the Everglades with the month long Python hunt organized by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.