Chris Havlicek Family Involvement in Foundations

The Havlicek Family has a long history of supporting charities and nonprofit foundations. Many foundations have benefited from the support and fund raising power of the Havlicek family in both Massachusetts and South Florida. The Havlicek family regularly commits their time and their own personal funds to the many causes they support. The causes supported are chosen because of their direct benefit to children in their communities. Helping children and their community are a priority for the Havlicek family.

Chris Havlicek and Family

The Genesis Foundation for Children

John Havlicek has been fundraising for the Genesis Foundation for Children for over 33 years. The family has personally contributed to the foundation in addition to serving on the board of directors and several committees. This year, John and family hosted the 33rd annual Celebrity Golf Tournament to benefit the Genesis Foundation. John, along with son Chris Havlicek both serve on the board of directors for the foundation. Chris is actively involved with the foundation, especially with the Finance Committee and Genesis Fund.

John Havlicek Charity Work

Over the years, John Havlicek has supported many other charities in any way possible from donating signed memorabilia to hosting events. Some of the charities John has worked with include the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, the Suncoast Charities for Children, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Ortiz Family Foundation, Toys for Tots, Charity Benefits Unlimited, and the Sean McDonough Charitable Foundation. Being the patriarch of the family, John set a precedent for charitable work that has influenced Chris to be heavily involved in charities and nonprofit foundations.

Chris Havlicek and Family Community Involvement

Chris and his family are actively involved in charities and organizations that benefit the South Florida community they live in. The charities the family opts to help are the ones that have a strong influence in their community and the children who need assistance. The different organizations that Chris and his family have supported over the years include the Orange Bowl Committee, the Everglades Foundation, the Palm Beach Boys and Girls Club, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts,, MS Cure Fund, Palm Beach County Cops for Kids Foundation, and the Palm Beach Cultural Council. He and his family are also very involved in the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and the St. Mark’s Episcopal School.

Chris Havlicek Charity Work with MS Cure Fund

MS Cure Fund is one of many charities that Chris has worked with, raising funds for the MS Cure Fund in Boston Massachusetts. Chris ran in the CIGNA Falmouth Road Race in 2010 as part of the MS Cure Fund.

MS Cure Fund, Inc.

The MS Cure Fund is a national nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. Chris has ties to the Boston area since his dad, John Havlicek, played for the Boston Celtics and is an NBA Hall of Famer. Chris Havlicek raised funds through to be donated to the MS Cure Fund. The MS Cure Fund raises funds for Multiple Sclerosis research to find a cure. The organization also helps to create MS awareness, helps patients manage symptoms and understand their diagnosis, and they conduct educational programs and seminars to offer support and advice to MS patients. Chris Havlicek and his dad are committed to supporting charities and organizations in the Boston area and throughout Massachusetts.