St. Mark’s Episcopal Church & School

Chris Havlicek and his family belong to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Chris is a regular contributor to the church and St. Mark’s Episcopal School as well. In addition to attending charity events to benefit the church and making donations to the church, Chris and his family are active members of the church community. Having a strong involvement with his church is very important to Chris. The Havliceks are one of the school families at St. Mark’s Episcopal School. In 2012 they were recognized as Lion’s Circle donation members and in 2013 they were recognized as part of the Friend’s Circle for their donations and involvement with the school and the church.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Chris Havlicek and his family are committed to helping the church realize their vision, which is to be a beacon of faith, hope, and light, and a nurturing spiritual home for all who seek a deeper relationship with God. Through the power of donations and devoting his time to community outreach and involvement, Chris hopes to help spread the word of the church and aide them in achieving their mission. St. Mark’s mission is to glorify God in worship, to share in the life of the Risen Christ, and to equip and nurture all members to present Jesus Christ to the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Making donations to St. Mark’s Episcopal School is not only helping the church community, but is also providing an education for a child. Chris feels very passionate about strengthening the community; donating monetarily as well as devoting time to St. Mark’s Episcopal school is an excellent way to fulfill this. Investing in a child’s education and participating in that education is a way that Chris and his family demonstrate their loyalty and commitment to the church as well as their belief in the church and the school’s programs. Chris and his wife belong to the St. Mark’s Parents’ Association, which is a vital part of the school community. The Parents’ Association is organized to promote, support, and enhance the mission of the school. As part of the Parents’ Association, the Havliceks sponsor programs and fundraising events.